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Our award-winning group of writers, producers, directors, production designers and cinematographers are prepared to go up against ventures of almost any scale and genre, from studio setups to multi-crew commercial shoots, both, local and internationally.


Regardless of the scope or budget, we approach all projects with passion and with a high-end finish in mind.


Our post-production team of
editors, animators, compositors, VFX supervisors, music composers, and audio engineers are seasoned with years of media and entertainment experience.



Only individual approach to each customer

TV, Web & Film Production

Bluntimage produces projects for advertising agencies, design firms, and ambitious commercial enterprises of all shapes and sizes. We also co-produce for clients in film, television, sports, publishing, video games, and online entertainment.


Looking for a movie trailer, a broadcast promo, or a music video? Need a TV spot, a web video, or a corporate video?


Animation and Special Effects

We work in collaboration with major independent production companies. Our multi-creative skills range from story development to final post, delivering competitively priced and high production value visual effects work thus, bringing the imagination and dream to life, providing a valued experience to the viewers.

Virtual Reality

Dozens of hardware and software companies are spending hundreds of millions on Research and Development into virtual reality that is realistic and doesn't make you nauseas when you use it, a common side effect of VR headsets. Consumer interest in VR is increasing. With the growth of amazing VR hardware comes the requirement of VR content for consumption.


Our diverse craftsmanship spans the media spectrum, from feature film, documentary, corporate, spec demos, movie trailers, animation and music videos.

Branding and Advertising

BluntImage produces projects for PR firms, non-profits, and clients in technology, finance, fashion, transportation, health care, consumer services, and more.

Logos and Graphic Design for Print

We’re a team of talented 2D/3D graphic designers. We’ll design a logo to help your new business really take off. Tell us about your business and your aspirations for your brand. Our creative team will get to work instantly..

Our imagination
on serve of your needs
"I aspire to offer a different angle in the way I make genre films, which audiences will find lifting, with a low budget production method, still giving the film a high quality finish that will be able to reach larger audiences, both local and international." - Raymond Edwards

Latest news

never say NRVER, 2017. “Who said making a courageous stand means you don’t face doubt?

click to see video: never say NEVER

These are a compilation of reviews of individuals who’ve overcome many obstacles in going beyond the clan-based religiosity of traditional beliefs. Never say NEVER begins with the first women (Roberta Gibbs) who broke the gender barriors in the Boston Marathon during the 1960's

Created by Raymond Anthony Edwards, who intends to set this hybrid journalistic documentary series apart from other related genre-type programs by using a unique style of entertainment reporting. The show will be hosted by multi-talented Edwards, who touches on archival footage and challenges his various skills to interact with well-renowned figures to discuss there Worldly concerns and how we as viewers can help to make a difference.

Studio facilities including
Green Screen

Depending on the project, we can arrange the ideal Green Screen Stage, some of the studios may or may not have camera and lighting packages along with grip gear available.


Creative Director, Videographer, Editor

Raymond Edwards has been involved with media and entertainment in various capacities, on a mult-disciplinarial spectrum from art conceptualization, story treatment, story structure, cinematography, drone operation, motion graphiics, acting, animation to producing, editing and directing. Filmography: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0250299/ http://blindingfilms.co/historyraymond_iframe.html Media Design/Video/Graphics Work, https://www.behance.net/raymond_edwards

A graduste from the California Institute of the Arts.

Visual Effects Supervisor

Rajiv Joseph has been involved in the Visual Effects Industry for 15 years plus. He has worked on various projects from Commercial Television to theatrical Feature films as a CGI Visual Effects Artist.


Justin Agardy has been working in Music Videos and with Indi Film projects, specializing on cinematic camera setups, drone photography and sound delivery.