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Various Visual Effects work of our primary Effects Artists

Dawn of Darkness

DAWN OF DARKNESS, 2008: A Blinding Films and Fusion Entertainment HDV Fantasy Drama-cum-Animation. Story by Ben Cinelli and Maks Naporowski. Screenplay, Raymond Edwards (at BluntImage). Director, Maks Naporowski. Producer, Raymond Edwards. Director of Photography, Pawel Gula. Film Editor, Keita Ideno. Visual Effects Compositor: Rajiv Joseph (at BluntImage). Production Design, Raul Contreras. Actors, William Romeo, Gidget Migliaccio, Lance Migliaccio and Raymond Edwards. Concept, MoCAP and CGI Artists,Peter Zoppi Ben Cinelli, Darnell Williams and Tim Peterson. Stunt Choregrapher, Mark Steven Grove. Costume and Armor by Ruslan Batenko, Jay Seccord and Amy Alexander. Effects Makeup Designed by Lee Joyner. Prosthetics Makeup/Application, Allison Bryan, Troy Wheeler. Music, Dariusz Kowalczyk. Voiceover, Brian Thompson


An intro for "a day In the life of - Vegas Dave",

Entrepreneur and Sports Consultant.

Green Screen

Depending on the project, we can arrange the ideal Green Screen Stage, some of the studios may or may not have camera and lighting packages along with grip gear available.

Corporate Non-Profit

We sometimes get the privilege to collaborate with a variety of corporations from non-profits to large-profit brand names.

Motion Graphics

We do, almost, any type of Computer Graphic Imagery to create Visual Intros for various Video Projects.


We treat every experience with utter respect and we honor the project, in meeting its deadlines, paying close attention to the budgetary constraints - BluntImage.